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NYC Utility Bill Intrepretation

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NYC Utility Bills


  • CON-ED -List of Consolidated Edison Bill Classified by Residential, Commercial, Industrial, GAS and Electric.   As of December 2008, there electric rates are either hourly demand charge based, or based on monthly peak kW and yearly kWh rating systems.   The monthly peak kW and yearly kWh rating systems are summarized below:


Electric Residential Slots (no kW slot for small residential)      
KWH  0 250 500 750 1500 3000 5000



Electric Comercial Slots SMALL MEDIUM  LARGE
KW 10 50 250
KWH        1,440       2,160       9,000     12,600     54,000     90,000



Electric Industrial Slots  SMALL MEDIUM  LARGE
KW  500 2000 10000
LOAD FACTOR 40% 50% 65%
KWH                      144,000                      720,000                  4,680,000



 As an example a comercial business uses 90 Kw peak and 8000 kWh/year.    Con Ed would classify them into the Medium Comercial Rate.   


As an example a Industrial Business uses 450 kW hours peak , and 120,000 kWh per year, and a loading factor of 55%.  Con Ed would classifiy them into the Large Commercial Rate.   If they used 160,000 kWh per year they would be clasified into the Medium Industrial Rate due to their 55% Load factor.






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