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cooling units

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Domestic Household energy use

Cooling units and conversions often used in Energy Modeling of Buildings:


Cooling tons vs. Btu



Btu per hour = sometimes written as:  Btuh or Btu/h or Btu/hr


Cooling hvac conversion: 

1=         (1 ton*hr cooling)

               (12,000 Btu)         


1=        (1 ton cooling)

               (12,000 Btu/hr)


Cooling Tower conversion: 


1=       (1 cooling tower ton)    

               (15,000 Btu/hr)


Chilled water gpm vs. ton


No Glycol, Temperature units in Fahrenheit

     Btu/h =  (1 (constant units: Btu/lbm * F)) * [constant: 8.33(lbm/gal)] * [variable: gpm] * [variable: Delta T]



Cooling horse power (not motor horse power)

"Amount of cooling output in units of horse power" 

Note:  Cooling horsepower is sometimes referred to as the motor nameplate horse power of the compressor motor in some industries.  


1 =     1 hp     

       .746 kW



Chiller equation:


Tons = (GPM  DELTA T)   Temperature in Fahrenheit Approximately From chillers.com



Mbtu, MMBtu, Btu 


1=          mmBtu     

          1,000,000 Btu


mmBtu = "million" btu or "Thousand thousand" btu

This uses the Roman Numeral value "m", not to be confused with roman numeral "M"



MBt does not = 1,000 btu, Only in Equest Result sim file output

it may also be labeled as:

mBtu=1,000,000 btu, Only in Equest Results sim file output


-Note:   1=     apples   


These conversions use the unitary multiplication method.


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